Day 3: 1920’s

I’ve been invited to a birthday party with the theme: 1920’s. I’ve used Chicago as my inspiration for this outfit.

Please excuse the lack of photoage, my camera ran out of battery so I had to use my iPhone :S


Photo credit: Holmes


Headpiece: Diva

Red Fringe Dress: SES

Pearls: Thailand

Black Velvet Coat: Over 10 years old

Stockings: Leona Edmiston

Tuxedo Shoes: ASOS

Day 2: That Shit Cray


My motto for the year has been the signature line from Jay-Z and Kanye West’s trackĀ N*ggas in Paris. That is why I thought it appropriate to have this as the theme for my birthday party. The idea is that basically any aspect, or all the aspects of my outfit combined cause you to pronounce: “That shit cray”


Photo credit: The Stephinacci Sequence


Floral Headpiece: Homemade from dollar store artificial flowers
Multicolour Dress: Torn by Ronny Kobo
Red Shoes: Wittner



Day 1: Little Red Riding Hood


Day 1: Little Red Riding Hood


Today is the first day of a personal challenge where I plan to dress to a different theme everyday for a whole year. Today is also my 26th birthday, a day that should signify my journey WELL into adulthood and maturity…the problem, I’ve never really quite grown up. That is why I thought it appropriate to start with one of my favourite childhood fairy-tales: Little Red Riding Hood. With a twist. In my adaptation, Little Red is a little less sweet, wearing the wolf’s head post-mortem as a sign of her victory.


Photo credit: The Stephinacci Sequence


White Dress: Mink Pink
White Tulle Under-skirt: Portmans
Red Patent Belt: ASOS
Red Hooded Jacket: Revival
Grey Wolf/Husky Head and Scarf Mitten: Peter Alexander
Beige Bowler bag: ASOS
Frilled White Socks: Dora the Explorer kids brand from Best & Less
Red Sequin Shoes: Wittner