Day 24: Batman

With the release of The Dark Knight Rises this week, it is all but appropriate to have a Batman theme. So I’ve chosen to dress up as my favourite Batman character – Catwoman. Furthermore, I’ve chosen to dress as the best Catwoman of all – Tim Burton’s (ain’t nobody got nothing on Michelle Pfeiffer yo!)

The Catsuit that you see me in is a handmade Catwoman suit that took me a couple of weeks to make with help from my best friend, and was originally worn at my work Christmas party.



Photo Credit: Billy Rubin


Catwoman Catsuit: Hand-made from a leotard and leggings from Supre. Sewn on sleeves and thread detail.

Belt: Cotton On

Black Gloves: Hot Dollar

Whip: Carnival & Party Warehouse

Black Booties: Ruby Shoes



Day 23: Colombian Independence Day

July 20th celebrates the independence declaration of Colombia from Spain in 1810. So I’ve decided to dress up as the famous Colombian actress, Sofia Vergara from Modern Family. A hard one to really capture, but I think my generic ethnic look coupled with the photo frame (from the Modern Family opening titles) kind of gets me there.


Photo credit: The Stephinacci Sequence


Silver Earrings: Sportsgirl

Red Dress: ASOS

Red Shoes: Ruby Shoes



Day 22: Minnie Mouse

Did you know that Minnie Mouse wears yellow shoes? I didn’t until I googled her so I could dress up as her for today’s theme. The things you learn! Another interesting fact, I’ve owned the dress I’m wearing since I was 10. That’s right, I was a child fatty (aren’t we all learning today?) Final note: the Minnie Mouse ears worn above were purchased from Disneyland and worn the ENTIRE time I was there.


Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


Minnie Mouse Sequin Ears: Disneyland

Red and White Polka Dot Dress: Jessie 

Black long-sleeve top: Cotton On

Black Opaque Tights: ASOS

White Tulle Skirt: Portmans

White Gloves: Hot Dollar

Yellow Boots: Ruby Shoes



Day 21: Marine Day

So Monday was Marine day (say that 20 times fast) and rather than miss out on a great theme, I’ve chosen to do it a couple of days late. It’s a Japanese national holiday celebrated on the third Monday of July, so if this was 2011 I’d be spot on. For such an occasion I have chosen to dress up as Captain Horatio McCallister from The Simpsons. Enjoy you land lubbers!


Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


Sea Captain Hat: Carnival & Party Warehouse

Green Peplum Jumper: H&M

Cobalt blue Jacket: Cotton On

Brown Leggings: Sportsgirl

Black Wellingtons: Kmart

Pipe: Home-made (a deodorant lid and stick taped together and wrapped in wood patterned paper)

Beard: Cut-up Paper Napkin



Day 20: World Day for International Justice

July 17th – World Day for International Justice. At first I thought I might dress up as Ally McBeal, but that would have been lame, so I present to you Blind Justice. I’m actually quite surprised at how awesome this outfit turned out. I mean with a cardigan on, people at work thought I was princess Leia, but that was because they assumed it had long sleeves, but without I think it’s pretty fetch. And yes, I just made a Mean Girls reference.

Please note: I am wearing a dress backwards…talk about commitment! (Mind. Blown)


Photo Credit: Ziggy


White Sash: Home-made

White Dress: Miller

Scales: Home-made

Sword: Carnival & Party Warehouse

Cappuccino Ballet Flats: Witchery


Day 19: Tourist

Clementine suggested the theme of Tourist, and seeing as it’s been such nice weather lately, I didn’t want to pass up a photo opportunity with the sun. So today this blog goes SUPER DUPER un-politically correct (now with added stereotypes!)

…and just when you thought I couldn’t get any cooler *cough* Blossom hat *cough*, I tell you that I had this highlighter pink bum-bag (fanny pack) in my cupboard. For what occasion you ask? This one, that’s when.



Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


Khaki Hat: Mossimo

White T-shirt: Supre

Grey Pants: Crossroads

White Socks: Slazenger

Silver and Pink Sneakers: Nike

Old School Polaroid Camera: Retro Wombat




Day 18: Cinderella

When I was a little girl, my mother had this puffy baby blue gown that I used to always dream of fitting into. Now that I can, I wouldn’t dream of wearing it anywhere other than for a costume. And with that, I bring you today’s theme: Cinderella. The dress may not be fashionable by today’s standard, but it sure does serve the purpose of re-creating a Disney classic!


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Pale Blue Dress: Michelle R (my mothers from the 80’s)

Tiara: Office Gift for my birthday

Blonde Wig: Carnival & Party Warehouse

Blue Sash: My mothers

White Gloves: Hot Dollar

Earrings: Fake Tiffany from Thailand

Silver Sequin Shoes: Direct Shoe Warehouse


Day 17: Bastille Day

La Fête Nationale! (Happy Bastille Day! – thanks Google translate) The national holiday of France. As you can see, I’ve gone with a generic stereotypical French man look for this festive day. The pièce de résistance being the raspberry beret (the kind that you get from a second-hand store) that was purchased in France (but not from a second-hand store) and the hand-drawn moustache.

Vive la France! Also, fromage.


Photo credit: Holmes


Raspberry Beret: Ransom French store near Notre Dame Cathedral

Red Hankerchief: From my mother

Striped Top: H&M

Black Pants: Dangerfield

Red Sequin Shoes: Wittner



Day 16: Blossom


If you were a young girl growing up in the 90’s there is an 85% chance that you owned a Blossom hat. From that 85%, there is a remarkably lower percent that still owns said hat, of whom I am a part of. And with that I bring you today’s theme: Blossom.

Please note: Both the hat and vest were owned by tween Mary. I bet you can just imagine how cool a kid I was.


Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


Black Velvet Floppy Hat: Authentic 90’s 

Flower Print Dress: H&M

Black Lace Vest: Authentic 90’s 

White Knee High Socks: Big W

Tan Cowboy Boots: Target



Day 15: Orangeman’s Day


WARNING: User is asked to wear sunglasses for the reading of this blog post

July 12th is known as Orangeman’s Day, so I’ve gone out on a stretch and dressed in all orange. I think the universe appreciated this as you will see from the photos that the overcast weather only helped my orange POP. I’ve worn a lot of crazy themes, but the looks I got from this outfit as I walked outside have by far exceeded the others. Orange you glad I did this theme?


Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


Orange Blouse: Cotton On

Orange Cardigan: Cotton On

Orange Pants: H&M

Orange Shoes: Kmart

Orange Handbag: ASOS

Orange Earrings and Bangle: DIVA

Orange Nail Polish: Cotton On

Orange Headphones: Urban Ears