Day 94: Madeline Kahn

September 29 is Madeline Kahn’s birthday. So today I have chosen to dress up as her character Miss White from my favourite movie Clue. And yes, it is based on the board game Cludeo, which sounds like it would be terrible, but it’s hilarious and I’ll love it forever.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Black Dress: ASOS

Black Arm Bands: Cut up stockings

Pearls: from Thailand

Black Heels: Siren

Black Bob Wig: Spotlight



Day 93: Wes Anderson

Tonight I have been invited to a birthday party that is Wes Anderson theme. So I have decided to dress up as Margot Tenenbaum from The Royal Tenenbaums.


Photo Credit: Tiny Thought Revolution


Fur Coat: Borrowed from The Normal Couple 😉

White lace top and skirt: Target

Blonde Wig: Spotlight

Red Hair Clip: Hot Dollar

Beige Bowler Bag: ASOS

White Frill Socks: Best and Less

Black T-Bar Heels: Target



Day 92: Alice in Wonderland

Today is my friend Alison Wonderland’s birthday! In honour of this I have decided to take on a Alice in Wonderland theme, dressing up as Alice. Happy birthday darlink 😉


Photo Credit: The Stephinacci Sequence


Alice in Wonderland Dress and Apron:  Borrowed from my friend Noodles and “Jess” 😉

Blonde Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse

White Knee High Socks: Big W

Black Mary Jane Heels: Siren

Day 91: New Zealand Dominion Day

September 26th is Dominion day for New Zealand. And who has more dominion over New Zealand than sheep? Did you know that for every human, there are 7 sheep? In 2003 it used to be 20 sheep to every human! Well enough with the New Zealand sheep to human facts, today I have dressed up as a sheep. The. End.

Photo credit: Ziggy

Beanie with Sheep Ears: Jay Jays (with Stapled Sheep Ears)

White Fluffy Jacket: Just Jeans

White Lace Dress: Just Feathers

Black Opaque Tights: ASOS

Black Open Toe Wedges: ASOS

Day 90: Jury Duty


Today I have been summoned for Jury Duty. So of course after the initial – “Oh Fuck” – I thought “What costume will I wear?”. So I settled on a prisoner. So inappropriate, but oh so right.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Striped Prisoner Dress and Hat: A gift from Bakers Dozen

Ball and Chain: Carnival and Party Warehouse


Day 89: Gangnam Style

So if you haven’t been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks chances are you know the K-Pop track “Gangnam Style” by PSY. So I thought while it was still well-known and topical I take it on here.


Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


Sunglasses: Hot Dollar Crazy Scientist Glasses with Black Paper Lenses

Black Sheer Top: Cotton On

Beige Tuxedo Jacket: H&M

White Bow Tie: Home made

Tuxedo Heels: ASOS

Black Pants: Valley Girl



Day 88: Saudi Arabia

September 23 is Saudi Arabia’s National Day. So I have chosen to dress up as a cashed up oil sheik. Which considering the riots as of late, probably wasn’t the safest choice to be seen taken photos in on my street…but I’m not dead, so all good!


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Red Headscarf: A Gift from my brother from Jordan

White Tunic Dress: Home made

Glasses: Hot Dollar

Money: Stock Market Board game



Day 87: Circus

Today I am going to a Fringe Festival Mystery Bus event where you get dropped at a secret location for a magical night into Sydney’s underbelly, showcasing some of the best arts and culture the inner west has to offer. Tonight’s theme: Circus. With that I have chosen to dress up as a plate twirler.


Photo Credit: Holmes


Black Beanie with plates: Sportsgirl, with paper plates stuck to skewers

Black and White Striped Boat Top: H&M

Black Tutu: Ebay

Skin Coloured Tights: ASOS

Black Fishnet Stockings: Hot Dollar

Black Patent Heels: Betts



Day 86: World Peace Day

September 21 is World Peace Day, and nothing (no-one) says peace as much as a hippie.


Photo Credit: Ziggy


Flower Headpiece: Sportsgirl (plus some extra flowers from Hot Dollar)

White Dress: Glassons

Yellow Cape: Cotton On

Hippie Sunglasses: Hot Dollar