Day 85: Sophia Loren


September 20 is Sophia Loren’s birthday. Loren is widely recognized as the most awarded Italian actress. She is also known as one of the sexiest stars to ever grace the silver screen. In honour of this, I have chosen to ATTEMPT to dress up as her.


Photo Credit: Holmes


Red Corset Top: Harts

Red Tutu Skirt: Home made

Red Shoes: Rubi Shoes

Jewelry: My Mothers



Day 84: Pirate

September 19 is International Talk Like A Pirate Day. Why? Just. Because. Also, why are pirates called pirates? They just aRRRRRRRR

Pirate theme. Enjoy me hearties.


Photo Credit: Holmes


Red Pirate Hat: Vinnies

White Lace Layer Top: All Saints

Black Leather Tights: ASOS

Black Suede Knee High Boots: RMK

Pirate Sword: Hot Dollar

Pirate Eye Patch: Home made


Day 83: World Water Monitoring Day

September 18 is World Water Monitoring Day. This made me instantly think of the water sprinklers I used to play under as a child that had the massive changing water streams. Man they were fun. Let’s all spare a thought for the children of today who don’t get to run wild and free under water sprinklers any more.

Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski

White Top: Lilywhyt

Teal Pleated Skirt: Forever 21

Green Peacock Wellingtons: Big W

Day 82: International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer

September 16 was the International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer. When I found this out I immediately thought of all the poor English travellers who, used to having an ozone layer in England, get ridiculously sun burnt while in Australia. So that is why I have dressed as sun burnt POM/backpacker today. I was really surprised how well rubbed-in red lipstick works as sunburn.


Photo Credit: Billy Rubin


White Singlet: Bonds

Black Shorts: Big W

Thongs: Havaianas

Black Backpack: Caribee 



Day 80: Captain Planet Day

September 15 is Captain Planet day. Today is the 22nd anniversary of the TV show Captain Planet, my favourite TV show as a child. So I’ve decided to dress as Linka, my favourite planeteer. GO PLANET!


Photo credit: Holmes


Blonde Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Blue Planeteer T-Shirt: Jay Jays (hand-painted painted icon)

Dark Blue Shirt: Cotton On

Khaki Shorts: Jay Jays

Brown Vest: Cotton On

Brown Belt: Cotton On

Green and yellow socks: Uniform store

Black Sneakers: Big W



Day 79: Friday

Last week at The Inappropriate Olympics, I promised my friend MartyPantaloons that the coming Friday I would dress up as Rebecca Black…then we butchered her song as we all drunkenly sang it in the park at 10pm at night. And yes, it is possible to butcher a terrible song so long as you are drunk enough.

Just remember: tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards.


Photo credit: Ziggy


Purple Top: Zebra

Black Pants: Valleygirl

Hoop Earrings: Diva

Black Backpack: Caribee



Day 78: International Chocolate Day

September 13 is International Chocolate Day. One may say the most glorious of celebration days there are to be had. So today I tried to dress up as the funniest looking chocolate I could – the Hershey Kiss. Please note that I nearly suffocated to death for the making of these blog photos #commitment


Photo credit: Wayne Gretski


Grey Cape: ASOS

Hershey’s Headpiece: Home made (aluminium foil and paper)



Day 77: Day of Conception (Russia)

September 12 is celebrated as the Day of Conception for Russia. Day of Conception (also known as Procreation Day) is a Russian Holiday made popular by the region of Ulyanovsk, birthplace of Vladimir Lenin. Couples who then have a child on June 12th are rewarded by the regional government. We have a baby bonus, they have a holiday. Po-tay-toes, Po-tah-toes. And who knows babies better than grandmothers? Nobody. And you know what’s Russian for grandmother? Babushka. Which brings us to the Babushka doll outfit for today.


Photo Credit: Ziggy (mental high-5 for the awesome that is the main blog pic)


Floral Headscarf: My Mothers

Red Top: Revival

Red Floral Skirt: Markets in Thailand

Flowers: Hot Dollar



Day 76: Emergency Number Day

In 1987 President Reagan proclaimed September 11 Emergency Number Day…which in Australia would be 000 not 911. The first thing I thought to dress up as was a police officer. And I’ve landed somewhere in between that and a stripper that dresses as a police officer. So much so that as I was preparing to take this photo I saw the broadest, happiest smile I have ever seen on a cyclist’s face ever. Plus an old man stopped to ask “Can I have one?”. I’m not sure EXACTLY what he meant by one, but it probably wasn’t good. What is it about a girl in uniform?


Photo Credit: Ziggy


Police Hat: Carnival & Party Warehouse

Police Uniform: Supre dress with material badges from Bakes

Aviator Sunglasses: Hot Dollar

Black Opaque Tights: ASOS

Black Patent Heels: Wittner