Day 126: Halloween

Happy Halloween! Today we see my week of Halloween costumes come to an end – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I wanted to end it in a bang so I have dress up as that scene in Alien when the alien comes out of the guys stomach.

Please note that before I added the print-out image of the alien to the stuffed stocking sewed to my top, it kind of looked like a penis…..awwwwwwkkkkwwwaaarrrrrddddd


Photo credit: Ziggy


Alien coming out of stomach top: Homemade from a Cotton On t-shirt and a stuffed stocking sewed on and covered with an Alien printout

Silver Skirt: ASOS


Day 125: Scream

For the sixth day of Halloween week I have decided to take on my favourite modern horror film: Scream. With this I have dressed up as Drew Barrymore’s character from the opening sequence. I have tried to incorporate the entire sequence into my outfit: ala the phone and the blood (later).This scene is hands down the best death scene/sequence of any horror film I know. Well down Wes, well done.


Photo credit: Holmes


Blonde Bob Wig: Spotlight

Tan Jumper Top:  Vinnies

Jeans: Icebox



Day 124: Friday the 13th

I would have watched my first horror film at age 5, from memory it was A Nightmare on Elm Street. So this goes to show that there was not a lot I was shielded from as a child…except for Friday the 13th. Of all the  horror films Friday the 13th was the only series that my brothers never subjected me to. So today I have taken that on as a theme and have dressed as Jason. Thanks go to my mate Toms for letting me borrow his awesome chainsaw arm that he crafted for a Halloween party.


Photo credit: Holmes


Khaki Jacket: H&M

Black Jumper: Boston

Black Pants: Valleygirl

Black Wellingtons: Kmart

Chainsaw: Homemade (thanks Toms!)



Day 123: Ghost

What is Halloween without ghosts? So today I have taken on my favourite ghost – Ghostface from Scream – my favourite modern day horror film.


Photo credit: Holmes


Ghostface Mask: Hot Dollar

Black Cape: Cotton On

Black Long Skirt: ASOS

Black Gloves: Hot Dollar

Black Wellingtons: Kmart


Day 122: A Nightmare on Elm Street

For the third day of Halloween week I bring you a favourite: Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street. As I child I was terrified of Freddy Krueger. I watched the film when I was 5 and my brothers constantly taunted me by dressing up as him and chasing me around the house. Tonight I will bring revenge. Go to sleep older brothers, for one, two Freddy’s coming for you….

Please note: creepy skin makeup was achieved by applying pieces of toilet paper to my face with fake blood.

Photo Credit: Holmes

Green and Red Top: H&M with Red Electrical Tape stripes

Black Jeans: Cotton On

Black Hat: Jay Jays

Black Shoes: Big W

Freddy Glove: Home Made from Cardboard and Aluminum Foil

Day 121: Horror Film Cliche

On the second day of Halloween week, this themed blog gave to thee: Horror Film Cliche. In every horror film there is a 20 minute chase sequence where one poor pretty girl gets the world thrown at her – hit by a car, stabbed, shot, hit, you name it – and just as she is about to escape she is killed by the villian, this is what I’ve chosen to dress as today. Please note: the tyre marks on my shirt were made from me painting a type and rolling it across my shirt for true effect.


Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


White Shirt: Supre with Home Made effects (Rips, Red Paint as Blood and Tyre Marks)

Red Skirt: Home Made

White Socks: Big W

White Sneakers: Big W

Knife Through Head: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Red Pom Poms: The Reject Shop



Day 120: Crazy Surgeon

Halloween is almost upon us! So in celebration of what is the Christmas of costumes I will be bringing you different Halloween themed costumes for the next week! Today I bring you: Crazy Surgeon. A genius medical professional turned mad who then operated on himself. Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Photo Credit: Ziggy


Doctor Hat: Home made

Bloody Intestine Doctor Dress: Home made: Cut up, bloodied plain smock with intestines made out of stockings and then sewn on



Day 118: National Day of Hungary

October 23 is the national day of Hungary, so I’ve decided to dress in traditional Hungary gear.


Photo credit: Wayne Gretski


Red Head Scarf: My mothers

Red Vest: Ladakh

White Shirt: Temp

White Dress: Just Feathers

Green Apron: Green Scarf from Italy

Red Sequin Heels: Wittner


Day 117: Jeff Goldblum

October 22 is Jeff Goldblum’s birthday. In 2009 on the day that Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett died, it was leaked that Jeff Goldblum was also dead. The news spread like wildfire over the internet, all of which turned out to be a hoax. Thank. Goodness. Man I love Jeff Goldblum, I can’t explain it, I just simply do. I’ve tried to incorporate all of this into my theme today. Just remember: life ALWAYS finds a way.

Photo credit: Totally

Black Jacket: Don’t Ask Amanda

White Shirt: Cotton On

Black Tie: Goodmate

Black Pants: Valleygirl