Day 146: International Children’s Day

November 20 is International Children’s Day, so I have decided to dress as one of the children of the damned. I know what you’re thinking: “don’t you mean children of the corn?”. And no, I don’t. I too thought the blonde children where of the corn, but they are not, they are of the damned. The. End.


Photo Credit: The Stephinacci Sequence


White Skivvy: Target

Black V Neck Jumper: SES

Black Pleated Skirt: I.N.C

White Socks: Big W

Black Ballet Flats: Wittner

Blonde Bob Wig: Spotlight


Day 145: International Men’s Day

November 19 is International Men’s Day. So I have decided to dress up as a stereotypical Aussie male yobbo. Please note: wearing any wig backwards will transform it into a mullet.

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Navy Blue Singlet: Bonds

Short Shorts: Classic Girl

Footy Socks: My Brothers

Black Thongs: Havaianas

Blonde Wig: Spotlight



Day 144: Block Party

Today I am going to the Annandale Block Party. When I think of a Block Party, I think of this which is what I’ve gone for today with my outfit.

Photo credit: Holmes

Vest: My Brother’s

Red Bra: ASOS

Black Bike Shorts: Target

Pink Socks: Explorer Socks

Black Shoes: Big W

Silver Belt: Tightrope

Bangles: Diva

Earrings: My Mother’s

Day 143: Harvest

Today I am going to Harvest Festival, so I thought it appropriate that Harvest would be my theme today. So I’ve gone for traditional gleaning/harvesting attire reminiscent of the 1800’s.

Photo credit: Holmes

White Long-Sleeve Top: Blazer

White Corset: SES

Brown Long Skirt: Portmans

Black Wellingtons: Kmart

White Headscarf: Spotlight

Basket: Hot Dollar

Day 142: Prom

Tonight The World Bar is throwing a “Prom” night, so I have decided to dress as a Prom Queen. I’m not quite sure what era of prom queen as they seem to all fit when a “prom” dress is involved.


Photo Credit: Holmes


Blonde Feathered Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Red Velvet Dress: My Mothers

Red Shoes: Ruby shoes

Pearls: Thailand

Crown: Hot Dollar

Corsage: Homemade from flowers from Hot Dollar


Day 141: Chad Kroeger

November 15 is Chad Kroeger, Nickleback’s lead singer, birthday. When I think Chad Kroeger, I think, pickle. Mainly because of this here. So today I have decided to be half pickle, half Chad…


Photo Credit: Ziggy


Green Pickle Outfit: Green Poncho from Cotton On 

Leather Jacket: Jay Jay

Black Jeans: Lee Riders

Black Wellies: Kmart

Blonde Wig: Spotlight

Black Wrap-Around Sunglasses: Hot Dollar


Day 140: International Diabetes Day

November 14 is the International World Diabetes Day. So I dressed up as Mary Tyler Moore, who is a famous diabetic.


Photo credit: Ziggy


Red Beret: Cotton On

Blue Dress: Zara

Blue Jacket: Cotton On

Red Opaque Tights: ASOS

Scarf: My Mother’s

Tan Boots: Target

Red Gloves: David Lawrence 

Black Wig: Spotlight

Day 139: World Kindness Day

November 13 is World Kindness Day, and what is kinder than a free hug? I am quite proud of penmanship of this sign.


Photo Credit: Ziggy


Lilac Dress: Glassons

Orange Cardigan: Cotton On

Grey Heels: ASOS

Turqoise Necklace: Thailand

Silver Earrings: Sportsgirl

Free Hugs Sign: Homemade


Day 138: Anne Hathaway

November 12 is Anne Hathaway’s birthday, so I have decided to take on her character from The Devil Wears Prada in the scene where she gets told by Lauren Weisberger about cerulean blue.


Photo Credit: The Stephinacci Sequence


Blue Jumper: U.C.C

Blue Shirt: GAP

Grey Fishtail Skirt: Jacquie. E

Black Stockings: ASOS

Black Ballet Flats: Witchery


Day 137: Remembrance Day

November 11 is Remembrance Day. Remembrance Day is a memorial day observed in Australia since the end of World War I to remember the members of our armed forces who have died in the line of duty. Today I have decided to dress as a poppy flower as this is a symbol of remembrance on this day. Lest we forget.


Photo credit: Holmes


Black Tulle ‘Stigma’: Spotlight

Red ‘Petals’ Dress: Glassons

Green ‘Stem’ Heels: ASOS