Day 177: Elf

Day 177: Elf

For the eight day of Christmas Theme Me dress for thee as an elf! Please note that I have gone the traditional elf rather than sexy elf…the sexy version of Christmas is coming tomorrow though – stay tuned!

Photo credit: Holmes

Elf Hat and Outfit: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Elf Shoes with Bells: Dollar King

Red Opaque Tights: ASOS

Day 176: Three Wise Men

Day 176: Three Wise Men

For the seventh day of Christmas I have decided to take on the theme of the three wise men, dressing as each of them. Big shout out to St. Nicholas Sunday School for letting me borrow their Christmas concert costumes.


Photo credit: Holmes


White Wig and Beard: Dollar King

Brown Wig: Spotlight

Red and White Head Scarf: A Gift from my brother from Jordan

Assorted Tunics: Homemade and Borrowed from St. Nicholas Sunday School

Sandals: Kmart

Gold: Spray-painted Cardboard Cut Out

Frankincense: Borrowed from my Mother

Myrrh: Ceremic Bowl


Day 175: The Grinch

Day 175: The Grinch


For the sixth day of Christmas themes (halfway) I have decided to take on the theme of The Grinch and dress up as the character Cindy Lou Who. Interesting fact, the little girl was played by Taylor Momsen, of Gossip Girl fame. If only she was still as sweet. Please note that it took me about 30 minutes to mold my blonde wig into this shape, but it was totally worth it!


Photo credit: Holmes


Blonde Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Black Dress: Dotti

Red Cape: Urban Outfitters

Red Opaque Tights: Equip

White Frilly Socks: Best & Less

Black T-Bar Heels: Target


Day 174: Rudolph

Day 174: Rudolph

For the fifth day of Christmas, I am taking on the most famous of all the reindeer’s – Rudolph! Did you know that he had a very shiny nose (light a light bulb) #ChristmasFact


Photo credit: Totally


Rudolph Reindeer Face Mask: Chirstmas Shop

Brown Jumper: Trench

Brown Skirt: Portmans

Brown Cowboy Boots: Target

Red Sleigh: Homemade from cardboard 


Day 173: Christmas Ornament

Day 173: Christmas Ornament

On the fourth day of Christmas themes I have decided to take on the theme of: Christmas Ornaments. So I have decided to dress up as a candy cane.


Photo credit: Wayne Gretski


Candy Cane Headpiece: Homemade

Red Bow Dress: Dangerfield

Opaque Red Tights: ASOS

White Candy Cane Stripe: Cut Up Plastic Table Cover Pinned

Red Boots: Wittner


Day 172: Santa Claus

Day 172: Santa Claus

For the third day of Christmas themes, I will take on the most notable of all Christmas iconography in popular culture- Santa Claus. Please note that I hired as a Santa Claus for a friends Christmas Party where I wore this outfit and it wasn’t until people heard me speak that they realised I was a woman #costumewin


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Santa Claus Suit: Base Warehouse (with Fur Trim Hot Glue Gunned on)

Santa Hat: Kmart

Gold Bell: Base Warehouse

White Short Man’s Wig and Beard: Dollar King

Black Wellingtons: Kmart

Santa Sack: Dollar King

Glasses: Hot Dollar

White Gloves: Hot Dollar


Day 171: Angel

Day 171: Angel

On the seconds day of Christmas themes, Theme Me gave to thee: Angel. A classic symbol for the top of your Christmas tree (right behind having a Star) I have decided to dress up as an Angel. Please note that I used to have wings, but as I could not find them, I had to fashion some out of stapled together paper plates. They worked pretty well to be honest.

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Gold Trimmed White Dress: Choir Robe

Lighted Halo: IKEA

Gold Glitter Ballet Flats: Cotton On

Angel Wings: Stapled together Paper Plates

Blonde Wig: Dollar King

Day 170: Christmas Tree

Day 170: Christmas Tree

Today brings is the first of twelve days of Christmas themes that I will take on leading up to Christmas day. Today I take on the humble Christmas tree, a well-known symbol of Christmas. Please note that for some reason it took me HOURS to correctly draw out a big equal star. I think I may be retarded #tellmesomethingIdontknow


Photo Credit: Who The Hell Is Jan?


Star Headpiece: Homemade from Cardboard and Coloured Paper

Christmas Tree Outfit: Homemade from Cardboard and Painted

Christmas Ornaments: Hot Dollar (pinned on)

Green Singlet Dress: SES

Red Wellingtons: Equip


Day 169: Monkey

Day 169: Monkey

Tomorrow I will begin the first of twelve days of Christmas themes to mark the journey to Christmas Day. Tomorrow however is also Monkey Day, which is why I have decided to take on this theme on today. With this, I have chosen to dress up as my favourite monkey – Abu from Aladdin. I hope you like the facial makeup, I was quite proud of how it turned out in the end.


Photo credit: Holmes


Purple and Red Fez Hat: Homemade out of Coloured Paper

Light Brown Cardigan: Cotton On

Red Vest: Ladakh

Light Brown Tights: ASOS

Monkey Tail: Homemade out of Stockings

Fake Teeth: Hot Dollar


Day 168: Katy Perry

Day 168: Katy Perry

It was Katy Perry’s birthday during Halloween Theme Week, which means that I was not able to take her on as a theme….until now. So I have chosen to take on ‘California Girl’ Katy Perry ala cupcake bra.

Please note that the cupcake bra is made out of painted, cut up Coca Cola bottles with Red Nose day ‘cherries’ on top.

Photo credit: Holmes

Blue Wig: Base Warehouse

Cupcake bra: Homemade

Green Singlet: Cotton On

‘Daisy Duke’ Jean Shorts: Big W