How to: Cruella Deville Costume

Cruella Deville costume


Run out of time to make your Halloween costume? Or just plain lazy? Well, fret not, here’s a step-by-step of how to create a Cruella Deville costume using your own wardrobe and household items.


What you’ll need

The Outfit:

Black Slim fitting dress

White ‘Shawl’ – this could be a scarf, a piece of white material or a white bed sheet

Red Shoes

Large gemmed ring

Large Gem Earrings

Red Gloves – if you have them


The Make-Up:

Blush: For a high cheekbone look

Purple or Green Eye shadow

Red Lipstick


The Hair:


Teasing Comb

Baby Powder



Black Cigarette holder – this can be made by rolling up a piece of black paper and then adding a white edge with either white paper or white electrical tape

If you have a plush Dalmatian toy dog, this would really drive the costume home



  1. Half your hair right down the middle and clip the right side of your hair out of the way and then cover with a piece of material.
  2. Then tease the left side of your hair, the bigger and more frazzled, the better.
  3. Cover the teased left side of your hair with baby powder to make it look white. Let it settle and then do it again. Do up to three coats to really sell it.
  4. Untie the other side of your hair and tease it, yet again, the bigger, the better.
  5. Voila! You have Cruella’s signature hairstyle complete with her look ready to steal innocent and cute puppies for your fashion glory.