Stick Figure Costume

Stick Figure Costume


Today I thought I’d opt for a little bit of a quirky costume with my take on a stick figure drawing come to life. Also, as always, super easy to re-create for your Halloween costume party needs.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


White Onesie Zip-suit: Splendour in the Grass with Black Electrical Tape

Stick Figure Face:  White Paper Plate



The Ring Costume

The Ring girl costume


Today I thought I’d create a more conventional-creepy Halloween style costume. So I went the creepiest I could go with the most minimal of elements – the little girl from The Ring. The beauty of this costume is all you need to pull it off is a simple white dress and a REALLy long brown wig.


Photo credit: Holmes


Long Brown Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse

White Dressing Gown: My Mother’s

White Knee-High Socks: Big W

Black T-Bar Shoes: Kmart

50’s Housewife Costume

50's Housewife Costume

Today I created a 50’s housewife costume, with a little bit of a twist. I’ve gone for the mid-ready-point where she is almost immaculate, but has just her hair to go. It’s a funner version on a typical look.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Hair Curler: Priceline

Hair Scarf: Hot Dollar

White Top: TEMP

Blue and White Plaid Skirt: Homemade

Apron: Big W

Red Sequin Heels: Wittner

Blue and Yellow Gloves: Coles

Pearl Necklace: Thailand Markets



Sexy Ghost Costume

Sexy Ghost Costume

Mean Girls got it right when it said:

” In Girl World, Halloween is the one night a year when a girl can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

It is the night where every and anything is turned “sexy”, with that said, here is my take on the classic sheet ghost costume turned sexy…or rather, hilarious.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


White Sheet: Big W

Plastic Table Cloth: Hot Dollar

Red Two-Piece Bikini: ASOS





Merida from Brave Costume

Merida from Brave costume


I’m back in Sydney for the weekend to pack up and move all my stuff down to Melbourne, which means MORE COSTUMES! First up: Merida from Brave.


Photo credit: Holmes


Red Wig: Borrowed from Dungog

Medieval Gown: Smiffy’s

Brown Arrow Holder: Smiffy’s

Black Leather Boots: Big W

Bow and Arrow: Homemade from branches and ribbon





Scuba Costume

Scuba Costume



It’s been a while since I’ve posted a costume, so I thought it best to make it up with one that makes me look ridiculous – presenting to to you the Scuba Steve costume inspired by a re-watching of Big Daddy. Oh Adam Sandler, why you no make no good movies no more?


Photo credit: Holmes


Red Morph Suit: Borrowed from @_martypants

Yellow Shirt: Big W

Yellow Swimmers: Thailand Markets

Yellow Flippers: Hot Dollar (Black spray-painted yellow)

Snorkel Mask: Hot Dollar

Yellow Gloves: Woolworths


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How to: Mad Scientist Costume

Home made Mad Scientist costume


What You’ll Need

White Coat



Large Plastic Jar (big enough to fit over your head)




Flesh coloured paper or paint

Red paint or cellophane


Sticky tape



  1. Fill the gloves with newspaper so that become solid.
  2. Staple the gloves to the sleeves of the white coat.
  3. Using a razor cut out the bottom of the large plastic jar so that your head can fit through the bottom.
  4. Cut out a neck shape in the cardboard and cover in the flesh coloured paper or in flesh coloured paint and then paint the top neck area in red paint or with red cellophane.
  5. Staple the bloody neck to the back part of the neckline of the white coat.
  6. Place the pillow into the chest area of the coat ensuring that the shoulders are filled out.
  7. In order to put the costume all together, place the pillow area of the coat behind your neck so that it rests on your shoulder and then button it up with your arms down your sides and then place the plastic jar over your head and then sticky tape the stuffed gloves to the sides of the jar so that it looks as if your head is being held.

How to: Alien coming out of stomach costume

How to: Alien coming out of stomach costume

If you’ve ever seen Alien, you’ll know it for one of its most famous scenes – when an alien erupts out of Kane’s stomach. For Halloween last year, I re-created this moment with my home made alien coming out of my stomach top.


What you’ll need


Flesh coloured stockings

2 print-outs of the alien

Cotton stuffing or tissues

Sewing needle and thread


Red food dye

Sticky tape



  1. Lay down your top on top of some newspaper and also place some newspaper in-between the two sides of the top.
  2.  Pour some red food dye on the area that you would like the alien to protrude out of. Leave to dry.
  3. Cut a leg off of a pair of flesh coloured stockings and then and the midway point fold half of the stocking into itself to strengthen it.
  4. Fill with cotton stuffing or tissues until it is full.
  5. Put the top on and using a needle and thread sew the stuffed stocking onto the top in the middle of the bloody food dye area. As you sew it be sure to do it so that it protrudes out of the top.
  6. Then cut out the print outs of the alien and tape an image to each side.
  7. Voila! You know have an alien top that will be the envy of all of your friends.