Maleficent Costume (Classic Cartoon Disney Style)

Maleficent costume

Last night was my very close friends Hen’s night which was Disney themed. As I have done so many Disney princesses previously with Disney week, I thought i’d tackle a villain with this Maleficent costume. It took about 4-5 hours to make out of garbage bags, newspaper, tape and cardboard and I honestly think it’s one of my best homemade costumes….and that’s saying a lot!

Photo credit: Holmes

Maleficent horns: Horns made of cardboard and newspaper and then covered in black tape and stuck to a headband over black stockings

Black cape: Black garbage bags with purple plastic table coverings taped on the edges, then newspaper covered in purple plastic table covering for the puffy neckline

Staff: Broom stick with a plastic bag ball taped on top

2 thoughts on “Maleficent Costume (Classic Cartoon Disney Style)

  1. I am completely in awe!
    You have reached a new level of wow.
    Good luck out doing this one?

    Question? How the hell did you drive/get transported in that thing?!

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