Cara Delevingne Enchantress Suicide Squad Costume

Cara Delevingne Enchantress Suicide Squad Costume

Suicide Squad was a big film this year so I wanted to create a costume from it, but not do the standard Harley Quinn costume, so I decided to recreate the Cara Delevingne Enchantress costume. Lord knows I have the eyebrows for it. I think it turned out pretty well considering the alterations from the original outfit Cara wears…which is pretty much just a bikini.

Photo credit: Curves and Eyeliner


Long Black Wig: Ebay

Moon Headpiece: Handmade from Aluminium foil and Elastic

Bra: Pleasure State with a Necklace from Diva attached

Skin Coloured Suit: Kmart

Black Bike Shorts: Kmart

Bellydancing Coin Scarf: Savers

Black Strips: Cut Plastic Table Cloth from Hot Potato

Black Sandals: Greece

Hand Necklace: Sportsgirl