Day 194: The Little Mermaid

For the final day of Disney week I have decided to end off with a bang and take on my favourite Disney film of all time – The Little Mermaid. Many people have requested separate to Disney week that I dress as Ariel, so essentially I have hit two birds with one stone.   Photo Credit: […]

Day 192: 101 Dalmations

To even out Disney Week some more, today I bring you a villain – Cruella de Vil from 101 Dalmatians. It took me YEARS to figure out her name meant cruel devil, but once I did, it was like MIND.BLOWN. Please note this is my natural curly hair that I only had to tease the tiniest of bits to turn […]

Day 191: Pocahontas

To even out the racial stereotyping of Disney princess representation on Theme Me, I bring you to you today, Pocahontas. Please view while listening to this – Disney you have the best songs!   Photo credit: Billy Rubin   Beige Pocahontas Dress: Cut up Beige Jumper from Vinnie’s Tan Belt: Jay Jays Beige Underskirt: Dotti Teal Necklace: […]

Day 190: Tinkerbell

When I went to Disneyland, all over every store was Tinkerbell. And I mean EVERYWHERE. Personally I didn’t get it, but then again, I’m not a 5 year old girl anymore (no matter how much I love fairy bread). To me she was a minor character from Peter Pan and Hook, but to anyone under […]

Day 188: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Happy New Year everybody! I hope you all had a magical entry into the New Year, if not, fear not, because I bring to you a week of Disney themes to begin the new year! First up, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, dressing as Snow White. Snow White is the most influential Disney character […]