Day 352: 80’s Movie

Day 352: 80's Movie

Today I take on another user-suggested theme – 80’s movie. There were SOOOOOO many good options here – I could do a John Hughes film like Breakfast Club or Pretty in Pink… hang on, nope, already done those. A John Carpenter film like Big Trouble in Little China? Nope, that one too. So then I thought, what would have to be the most ridiculous/outlandish 80’s film I’ve ever seen… and just like that I settled on Teen Wolf. A film about a teenage boy (Michael J. Fox) who when starts turning into a werewolf, uses his supernatural powers to help his school win at basketball. Oh, and did I mention there’s a character called Boof? #bringbackthe80s


Photo credit: Totally


Werewolf Mask and Hands: Smiffy’s

Varsity Letterman Jacket: Smiffy’s

Jeans: Jay Jays (My Brother’s)

Sneakers: Nike


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Day 268: Scarface

Day 268: Scarface

In Australia on March 22 1984, Scarface was released. With this as my theme, I take on Michelle Pfeiffer’s character and have dressed as Elvira, Tony Montana’s wife, today. If you can’t tell, I love Michelle Pfeiffer, I just think she’s divine, and in this film her fashion style is off the charts. The outfit I’ve taken on is the infamous white suit and hat.


Photo credit: Holmes


White Suit: MNG (Vinnie’s)

White Belt: White Material

White Wide-Brim Hat: Jay Jays

Silver Sequin Shoes: DSW

Blond Bob wig: Dollar King

White Cat-Eye Sunglasses: Moschino


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Day 203: John Carpenter

Day 203: John Carpenter

January 16 is John Carpenter’s birthday. As a child I grew up watching (and re-watching) John Carpenter films, namely Big Trouble in Little China. When my brothers and I would have to hang up the washing, at the end when the basket was empty, one of us would ALWAYS put the basket on top of our heads and spin it to become rain/thunder/lightning from the film. Rather than do that (it doesn’t come off as well when you’re a grown up) I have decided to dress as the lead character – John Burton.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Mullet wig: Easter Show

White Singlet: Bonds (with Pinned Art Print Out)

80’s High-Waisted Jeans: Icebox

Tan Boots: Myer

Knife: Carnival and Party Warehouse



Day 198: Pretty In Pink

Day 198: Pretty in Pink

Today I thought I would take on a user suggested theme. Belinda has suggested that I take on Pretty in Pink, so I have decided to dress as the main character Andie (Molly Ringwald). As you can see from the main image, I have attempted to re-create the look as seen in one of the main promotional photos.

Please note, I do not condone the wearing of orange lipstick outside of a costume.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Black Hat: Hot Dollar

Pink Scarf (on the hat): Jay Jays

Black Jacket: All About Eve

White Long Sleeve Shirt: Pierre Cardin

Flower Vest: Cotton On Vest turned inside out (lining)

Broach: Ring from the Markets

Red Wig: Borrowed from Dungog

Black Leggings: Cotton On

Aqua Earrings: Diva

Gold and Gold and Black Bangles: Diva


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Day 4: Canada Day

The 1st of July is Canada Day. So what better way to spend it then dressed up as my favourite fictional Canadian character: Robin Scherbatsky…or rather, Robin Sparkles.

For anyone who isn’t an avid fan of How I Met Your Mother, Robin Sparkles is the teen-aged Robin Scherbatsky’s alter ego which she used during her time as a Canadian pop star in the 1990’s from a Canadian kids’ show Space Teens. Her two most well known songs were: Let’s Go To The Mall and Sandcastles in the Sand.

Hope you enjoy, and Happy Canada Day!


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Headscarf: Just Jeans

Pink Shirt: Jay Jays

Black Vest: Witchery

Denim Skirt: Supre

Black Leather Belt: Vintage 80’s from my mother

Fishnet Stockings: Hot Dollar

White Socks: Big W

Shoes: Big W

Jewellery: Thailand and Hot Dollar

Canadian Flag: Home-made