How to: Alien coming out of stomach costume

How to: Alien coming out of stomach costume

If you’ve ever seen Alien, you’ll know it for one of its most famous scenes – when an alien erupts out of Kane’s stomach. For Halloween last year, I re-created this moment with my home made alien coming out of my stomach top.


What you’ll need


Flesh coloured stockings

2 print-outs of the alien

Cotton stuffing or tissues

Sewing needle and thread


Red food dye

Sticky tape



  1. Lay down your top on top of some newspaper and also place some newspaper in-between the two sides of the top.
  2.  Pour some red food dye on the area that you would like the alien to protrude out of. Leave to dry.
  3. Cut a leg off of a pair of flesh coloured stockings and then and the midway point fold half of the stocking into itself to strengthen it.
  4. Fill with cotton stuffing or tissues until it is full.
  5. Put the top on and using a needle and thread sew the stuffed stocking onto the top in the middle of the bloody food dye area. As you sew it be sure to do it so that it protrudes out of the top.
  6. Then cut out the print outs of the alien and tape an image to each side.
  7. Voila! You know have an alien top that will be the envy of all of your friends.


Day 342: Reddit

Day 342: Reddit


In June 2005, Reddit was founded. Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian and is a social sharing website where people submit content – link or text – that they think is entertaining and worth sharing. Once submitted users are invited to positively vote up the content, or negatively vote down the content to determine a numbered rank that will position that item on the site’s front page.

I have been lucky enough to make it to the front page of Reddit thanks to a friend of mine who talked about the site. This is in some way thanks to the persons who appreciated the blog and up-voted it.Thanks Redditors!


Photo credit: The Stephanacci Sequence


White Jumpsuit: Chupa Chups (from Splendour In the Grass 2010)

Reddit Alien Headpiece: Homemade from Paper Over A Headband

White Sneakers: Ruby Shoes

Alien Eyes: Orange Paper Circles Over Sunglasses


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Day 340: The Fifth Element

Day 340: The Fifth Element

Yesterday was my best friend Reindeer Games’ birthday. As part of her birthday present today I am taking on one of her favourite films as a theme – The Fifth Element – dressing up as Leeloo. Reindeer Games, I hope you like it!!!


Photo credit: Holmes


Red Wig: Ebay (Borrowed from Dungog)

White Midriff Top: Supre

Gold Leggings: ICE (with Black Electrical Tape Stripes added)

Orange Body Straps: Homemade from Orange Material from Lindcraft

Black Wide Belt: Cotton On

Black Leather Boots: Big W

Multi-Pass: Homemade from Print and Cardboard


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Day 206: Katey Sagal

Day 206: Katey Sagal

January 19 is Katey Sagal’s birthday. I know Katey best for her role as Peggy in Married with Children, but thought that a Leela costume would be funnier so went with that. Hopefully I was right, if not, feel free to voice your opinions in the comment section below.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Purple Tinsel Wig: Borrowed from MW

White Tank Top: Target

Black Pants: Dangerfield

Black Leather Boots: Big W

One Eye and Gun: Made from Cardboard

Wristband: Made from Aluminium Foil



Day 126: Halloween

Happy Halloween! Today we see my week of Halloween costumes come to an end – I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! I wanted to end it in a bang so I have dress up as that scene in Alien when the alien comes out of the guys stomach.

Please note that before I added the print-out image of the alien to the stuffed stocking sewed to my top, it kind of looked like a penis…..awwwwwwkkkkwwwaaarrrrrddddd


Photo credit: Ziggy


Alien coming out of stomach top: Homemade from a Cotton On t-shirt and a stuffed stocking sewed on and covered with an Alien printout

Silver Skirt: ASOS