Day 235: Paris Hilton

Day 235: Paris Hilton

February 17 is Paris Hilton’s birthday. Remember her? Remember ‘that’s hawt”? Good times, back in the early noughties. The awkward lean, duck lips combo is all because of her folks. I once said that I wanted to do for costumes what Paris Hilton did for sex tapes. Let’s hope if I do, there is a big more longevity to my career.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Long Blonde Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Purple and Green Scarf: Thrift Shop in Newtown

Tan Bag: ASOS

Plush Toy Dog: My Brother’s

Gold Strappy Heels: RMK

Big Sunglasses: My Mother’s



Day 212: Opposite Day

Day 212: Opposite Day

January 25 is known as Opposite Day. At first the obvious choice would have been to not dress up in costume as a costume for today (woah, catch 22) but after some discussions with a few mates I have decided to instead create a costume where I wore everything the other way round. So I have worn a jumper as pants (you may recognise the jumper from this Day 181) and pants as a top/borello. To be honest, I’ve seen hipsters wear worse.


Photo credit: Holmes


Jeans: Uniqlo

Red Jumper: Forecast