Day 77: Day of Conception (Russia)

September 12 is celebrated as the Day of Conception for Russia.┬áDay of Conception (also known as Procreation Day) is a Russian Holiday made popular by the region of Ulyanovsk, birthplace of Vladimir Lenin. Couples who then have a child on June 12th are rewarded by the regional government. We have a baby bonus, they have a holiday. Po-tay-toes, Po-tah-toes. And who knows babies better than grandmothers? Nobody. And you know what’s Russian for grandmother? Babushka. Which brings us to the Babushka doll outfit for today.


Photo Credit: Ziggy (mental high-5 for the awesome that is the main blog pic)


Floral Headscarf: My Mothers

Red Top: Revival

Red Floral Skirt: Markets in Thailand

Flowers: Hot Dollar