How To: Paper Baroque Wig

Homemade Baroque wig

Homemade Baroque wig

Welcome to the first of many How To’s where I will give you a step-by-step guide to creating costumes and props for costumes. Today I’m going to show you how to make a baroque wig out of paper which you would have seen in yesterday’s post.

What you’ll need

White A4 paper (7 pieces)





Sticky tape


1. Get an A4 piece of white paper

2. Measure points at 7cm and 14cm so that you can equally split into thirds.

3. Cut the piece of paper into thirds.

4. Fold the three pieces in half and then cut so that you have 6 pieces of paper total.

5. Take one piece of paper and bend it so that you make a circle shape and then staple it into place. This cylinder shape that you have made will become the main curls of the wig.

6. Continue process 4 and 5 until you have 20 cylinders (6 pieces of paper will make 24 cylinders)

7. Now start to staple the cylinder pieces together. For the eighth piece stapled the pieces slightly at an angle so that you start to round around and cater for the shape of your head. I found that 6 cylinders wide would comfortably fit the round of my head.

8. Once you have finished the skeleton of the wig, you will then need to add the front curl shapes. To do this cut a 1 cm strip length ways of an A4 piece of paper.

9. We will then curl this strip of paper in the same way you can ribbon. To do this angle a scissor blade against your strip of paper and then slide the scissor blade along the length of the strip keeping it taut the whole time.  When you release, you will find that the ribbon will curl into a circle shape within itself. Staple into shape and make 20 of these.

10. Position the curled paper so that the it sits horizontally across the cylinder open circle and tape into place on the side. Do this for every cylinder shape.

11. Voila! You now have a home-made baroque wig that you can then pin onto your head and for virtually no money!

I’m Bach

Bach Costume

I’m Bach bitch. Literally and figuratively*.

So it’s been a few months since I last posted, but as you know I was taking a well-deserved break from the mayhem that was my Theme Me challenge over in Europe. Then about a month ago I moved interstate and began a new job… so things have been far from quiet on my end. But as we are in the month of Halloween – my favourite holiday of the year – I will aim to try and do a post a day for this month. Notice that I say POST a day, not costume a day, and there’s a couple of reasons for that:

  1. I am working off of a limited wardrobe as I have yet to move all my things down to Melbourne – I have only just found a place to call home!
  2. All my costume goods are still back in Sydney, so any costumes that I create will be on the HOME MADE end of the spectrum
  3. As I mentioned, I’m in a new job and role, so I’m still getting a handle on things

But I will still aim to inspire and make you laugh. And personally, the dodgy, home-made costumes from household goods are usually my favourite. So with that, today I bring you my costume today where I have taken on Bach, because I’m sick for a pun. The highlight of the costume being the home-made baroque wig made from circles of white paper.


Photo credit: Nicky Perry


White Baroque Wig: Home-made from White Paper and Staples

Black Coat: Princess Highway

White Blouse: River Island with Home-made Sleeves and Neck-tie from White Paper

Black Leggings: Forever 21



*If you didn’t already get it, ‘I’m Bach’ is a play on ‘I’m back’ which is what I am…

Day 255: Secret Garden Festival

Day 255: Secret Garden Festival

Today is the main day of the Secret Garden Festival. The Secret Garden Festival is a festival that celebrates music, art and entertainment. Held in a secret location outside of Sydney the concept is that everyone dresses in costume to enjoy live music acts and mingle. Secret Garden is a not for profit event with all proceeds going to the Sarah Hilt Foundation, a cause close to the hearts of the Secret Garden team. There is no theme for Secret Garden festival on the main day, like their is on the Friday night, so I thought that of a costume that would look most out of place for this festival held on a farm….and that would be a Baroque period costume ala Marie Antoinette.

I am head over  heels in love with this costume from Smiffy’s, the panniers that go under the gold skirt make it look crazy big and don’t even get me started on the corset detail! (I’ve included a close-up pic) I am so excited to show this off, so I’ll be sure to include more pics once I’m back from the festival so that you can see it in action!

Photo credit: Holmes

White Baroque Wig: Ebay

Baroque Period/Marie Antoinette costume: Smiffy’s

Baroque Period Mask: Smiffy’s

Silver Sequin Shoes: DSW

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