Day 299: McKayla Is Not Impressed (MEME Week)

Day 299: McKayla Is Not Impressed (MEME Week)

For the second day of MEME week, I have decided to take on the McKayla Is Not Impressed MEME. The MEME is an image of McKayla Marmoney after she won the silver medal in the vault finals. Maroney was photographed on the medal podium while giving a brief look of disappointment with her lips pursed to the side. The image then sparked the blog: McKayla Is Not Impressed where McKayla’s image has been Photoshopped into various impressive places and situations, e.g. on top of the Great Wall of China and with the iPhone 5.

Chances are McKayla will not be impressed with my costume today.

Photo credit: Kimbra’s Sister

Grey Jacket: Bershka (with Print Out Badges and Patches)

Black Singlet Top: H&M

Black Leggings: Cotton On

Silver Sneakers: Nike

Silver Medal: Homemade from Print Outs

Fake Flowers: Hot Dollar

White Scrunchie Hair Tie: Hot Dollar

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Day 215: Pac Man

Day 215: Pac Man

Today I take on the user suggestion of Pac Man from Kylie3036. I’ve gone for the main yellow character which I’ve made from putting crete paper over a hula hoop and attaching a string to it so that it can sit around my neck. This is the cheapest and easiest way to make a Pac Man costume.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Black Long Sleeve Top: Cotton On

Black Leggings: Cotton On

Pac Man: Crete Paper and a Hula Hoop (Homemade)

Black Ballet Flats: Wittner



Day 39: International Beer Day

August 5th is International Beer Day. That’s right, a whole day dedicated to celebrating beer (other than Oktoberfest of course). So I’ve decided to dress up as the most famous beer I know – Duff Beer, but more specifically Surly Duff of Simpsons fame.

I feel like I should have known this day existed before now. I mean, I hate beer, but still…I’m Australian. So let us all celebrate with a schooner, pint, quart or gallon! (I will have cider)


Photo Credit: Holmes


Black Long Sleeve Top: Cotton On

Black Leggings: Cotton On

White Gloves: Hot Dollar

Black Shoes: Big W

Surly Duff Cut-Out: Homemade