Day 347: Natalie Portman

Day 347: Natalie Portman

June 9 is Natalie Portman’s birthday. I was spoilt for choice with characters I could dress up as today, but none more dramatic than Nina as the black swan from Black Swan. The intense make-up took about 40 minutes, but looked amazing and pretty spot on if I do say so myself.

Photo credit: Holmes

Black Sweetheart Corset: From Italy (with Feathers added)

Black Tutu: Ebay

White Stockings: Big W

Black Ballet Flats: Witchery

Tiara: Hot Dollar

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Day 320: Nocturnal

Day 320: Nocturnal

Today is my friends birthday, and at their request I am taking on a nocturnal theme (he’s a night owl), dressing as a bat.


Photo credit: Dungog


Bat outfit: Supre Leotard with Umbrella ‘Wings’ Sewn On (Borrowed from I’m A Scientist)

Black Opaque Tights: ASOS

Black Patent Heels: Betts

Black Long Wig: Ebay

Bat Ears: Homemade Paper Ears on a DIVA Headband


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Day 128: Black & White

Tonight I have been invited to two parties, one being Black theme, the other being White theme. They are both at the same house. The concept is that you choose which to dress as, but I say, why choose when you can be both? and who is both Black and White? Michael Jackson of course.


Photo credit: Ziggy


Black Fedora Hat: Cotton On

Black Sequin Trimmed jacket: Forever New

White Top: Cotton On

Black Pants with Stripe: ASOS with a masking tape down the sides

White Socks: Big W

Black Shoes: Witchery

Sequin White Glove: Disneyland

Aviator Sunglasses: Hot Dollar


Day 28: Devo Chic

As suggested by Isabel, today I’ve gone the theme “devo chic”. I’m not sure exactly what that entails, but for me, it’s basically an emo. So I present to you, Emo Mary…who looks about 17.


Photo Credit: Ziggy


Black Beanie: Sportsgirl

Black Cardigan: Cotton On

Black T-shirt with Indian Man print: Arcade Screen Printing

Black Skinny Jeans: Cotton On

Black Shoes: Big W