Day 297: Craig David

Day 297: Craig David

Today is ANOTHER friends birthday, who has requested the theme of Craig David. So with this ghetto request I have decided to go for the classic Craig David look ala the album cover of his debut album, Born To Do It. Happy Birthday Ganga!


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Black Beanie: Sportsgirl

White T-Shirt: Nike (My Brother’s)

Jeans: Lee (My Brother’s)

Plaid Boxer Shorts: All Sorts (My Brother’s)

White Sneakers: Nike (My Brother’s)

Headphones: Big W


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Day 149: Miley Cyrus

November 23 is Miley Cyrus’ birthday, so today I thought a Hannah Montana theme would be appropriate. Oh Miley, when you were still sweet and innocent.


Photo credit: Holmes


Purple Faux Leather Jacket: Vinnies

Barbie T-Shirt: Jay Jay

Gold Mini Skirt: Dotti

Blue Sequin Sneakers: Big W

Blonde Wig: Paddy’d Markets

Bangles: Diva



Day 68: Charlie Sheen

September 3rd is Charlie Sheen’s birthday. Charlie Sheen’s fame grew tremendously last years because of his ‘meltdown’ interview on Good Morning America where he said such gems as:

“I am on a drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen. It’s not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.”

And not to mention that he pinned the term “winning” that we so dearly love to use nowadays.


Photo Credit: Totally


Bowling Shirt: Planet Hollywood

Black Pants: Valleygirl

Charlie Sheen Head: Home made


Day 67: Father’s Day

With today being Father’s Day, I thought it appropriate to dress as a famous dad. So I’ve picked one of the most notorious both on screen as well as off – Bill Cosby. Not only did he star in his own sitcom as the father of the Huxtable family for 8 seasons, but also released a book on parenthood with such gems as “always end the name of your child with a vowel, so that when you yell the name will carry.”


Photo Credit: Holmes


White Hat: Jay Jays

Crazy Wool Jumper: Vinnies

Black Pants: EM (My brothers)

Watch: Vinnies

Shoes: Fabiani



Day 46: International Youth Day

August 12th is International Youth Day. At first I thought I would dress up as the one eyebrow  baby from The Simpsons, but my brother argued that a baby is too young to be classified as “youth”. I think set my mind on a path to dress up as someone that the youth idolise….and that brought me to Justin Bieber.

Please note: I may just have to upload some of these to LWLLJB.

Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Cap: Billabong

Grey Sweater Vest: Promo

Blue and GreyTop: GStar

Jeans: Icebox

Shoes: Hammerhead (my brothers)