How to: Dilbert Head

Dilbert head

Dilbert head


Another easy. home-made costume idea for Halloween is Dilbert, all made dramatic and possible with the Dilbert head.


What you’ll need

Poster Cardboard (painted flesh tone or bought in pink or flesh tone)

Permanent marker

White Paper



Sticky tape



  1. Cut your cardboard to the width of your head (with an added cm or two for comfortable breathing space)
  2. Cut a scallop edge across the length of your cardboard piece
  3. Cut two oval shapes from your white paper
  4. Glue these shapes in the middle of your cardboard to act as Dilbert’s eyes
  5. Trace around the white ovals to create the frame of Dilbert’s glasses and then add two straight lines from the middle point of the oval that will be the arms of the glasses
  6. Below the eyes, then 3/4 of a circle – this is Dilbert’s nose
  7. Fold the piece of cardboard around your head and tape comfortably into place
  8. Voila! You now have a cheap Dilbert head ready to be coupled with a white shirt and tie to complete your costume.

How to: Tutankhamun’s Tomb Poncho

Tutankhamun tomb pattern

Tutankhamun tomb pattern

The Tutankhamen Tomb Poncho was possibly the most dramatic costume that I made throughout my year-long challenge. So for my second How To, I thought I’d take you through it. You’ll be surprised to learn that while simple, it is quite time-consuming due to the intricate hieroglyphic patterns.


What you’ll need

Your height in gold material (from your neck to your feet)

Sewing thread and needle (or sewing machine)

Fabric Pens



  1. Fold your material in half lengthways so that you have the height you need to cover your body
  2. Cut the material so that you now have two long pieces
  3. Taking one length of the material, cut this in half lengthways, you should now have 3 pieces of material in your height
  4. Pin these 3 pieces of material together so that they sit on top of each other
  5. Sew across the top of the connection so that you have the front full width half and then two back flaps of material – this is the shell of your poncho
  6. Now using your fabric markers decorate the double width piece of material that you will wear on the front of your body with Egyptian hieroglyphics, this is the step that will take the longest as you will need to cover it entirely (Note: make sure to have a piece of material underneath the front fabric so that your marker does not effect the back two piece of material)
  7. Voila! You now have a Tutankhamun tomb poncho!



Theme Me Finale Party

Theme Me: Finale Party

So the other week I had a combination birthday/challenge over party at The Village where all invited had to come dressed in a costume or theme that I had taken on in the last year.

It was an amazing night and a big thanks goes out to all who ventured out in the torrential rain in costume for the occasion! Thanks again Stoli for providing the good times with cheap, delicious cocktails, Steph for the AMAZING tunes that got everyone out on the dancefloor and Smiffy’s who provided the best costume award. Also, a big shout out to Maddie from The Village who helped me get it all organised in time – you’re a lifesaver!

And now for the costumed shots! Please enjoy responsibly 😉

For more photos from the night, head to the full gallery on the Facebook page…and while you’re at it, why not check that you ‘like’ me…

Day 144: Block Party

Today I am going to the Annandale Block Party. When I think of a Block Party, I think of this which is what I’ve gone for today with my outfit.

Photo credit: Holmes

Vest: My Brother’s

Red Bra: ASOS

Black Bike Shorts: Target

Pink Socks: Explorer Socks

Black Shoes: Big W

Silver Belt: Tightrope

Bangles: Diva

Earrings: My Mother’s