Day 156: T

Today I have my work Christmas party with the theme of “T” – so dress up as anything beginning with T. I have chosen to attend as Tutankhamen’s tomb.
Photo Credit: The Stephinacci Sequence

Tutankhamen’s Headpiece: Homemade 

Tutankhamen’s Tomb: Handmade (sewn and hand drawn)

Tutankhamen’s Crook and Flail: Homemade

Gold Shoes: Irene Rubio

Gold Gloves: Base Warehouse

Day 114: Emu

Today I had a request from a workmate to dress as an emu, I agreed and then I found out that today is loud shirt day. I had made a promise though and just as a Lannister pays his debts, I keep my promises.


Photo credit: Herbnitz


Black V-Neck Top: Cotton On

Black Pleated Skirt: INC

Blakc Thongs: Havaianas

Emu Body, Wings, Headpiece: Homemade from garbage bags


Day 98: Gwen Stefani

October 3 is Gwen Stefani’s birthday. So I’ve decided to dress as Gwen – the early years – where she always wore bindi’s and had crazy hair. The orange was an ode to Don’t Speak.


Photo credit: Holmes


Blonde Wig: Spotlight

Yellow Boob Tube: My mothers from the 70’s

Blue Track Pants: Big W

Sneakers: Converse

Bindi: From my friend Trumpet Lily



Day 90: Jury Duty


Today I have been summoned for Jury Duty. So of course after the initial – “Oh Fuck” – I thought “What costume will I wear?”. So I settled on a prisoner. So inappropriate, but oh so right.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Striped Prisoner Dress and Hat: A gift from Bakers Dozen

Ball and Chain: Carnival and Party Warehouse