Day 272: Diana Ross

Day 272: Diana Ross

March 26 is Diana Ross’ birthday, in celebration of that I have decided to dress as her. Of course if you’re going to do Diana Ross the costume comes down to the hair. Luckily I have naturally curly hair, so all I had to do to create her beautiful bouffant was take a brush to it.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Gold Sequin Dress: ASOS

Gold Gloves: Base Warehouse

Gold Shawl: Homemade Gold Poncho (Tutankhamen Poncho Reversed)

Microphone: Hot Dollar

Gold Shoes: DSW

Gold Earrings: Diva


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Day 187: New Years Eve



Day 187: New Years Eve

December 31st is New Years Eve, so I have taken this on as a theme and dress up as a firework, props to Ziggy for the idea. I have aimed to be the shooting up firework that explodes, but it was REALLY hard to capture on film – with flash it looked dumb and without flash you couldn’t see the costume. I hope a combination of photos helps you get the concept as you’d see it in real life.


Photo credit: Holmes


Gold Star Headpiece: Homemade out of Cardboard (also seen here)

Gold Sequin Mid Dress: ASOS

Gold Glitter Ballet Flats: Ruby Shoes

White and Red Fairy Lights: IKEA (Battery Operated)