Day 273: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

Day 273: Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen

March 27 is Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen’s birthday. Who is that you ask? Wilhelm Conrad Rontgen was a German physicist, who produced and detected electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range… more commonly known today as X-rays. With his birthday as my theme for today, I have dressed up in my X-ray morphsuit from Smiffy’s. What could be better than seeing me in a ridiculous creepy morphsuit taking on life’s mundane tasks? Not much (I hope).


Photo credit: Holmes


X-ray Morphsuit: Smiffy’s


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Day 135: Inventor’s Day

November 9 is Inventor’s Day in certain countries. So I thought, who is my favourite inventor character that I could dress up as? I flashed back to my childhood, to the movie The Goonies, and boom I thought: Data. That guy had everything in that jacket, so I have tried my best to recreate the chattering teeth and boxing glove and lights. Goonie 4 Lyf.


Photo Credit: Billy Rubin


Red Cap: Jim Beam

Green Trenchcoat: Harvard (with homemade paper patches)

White Top: Glassons

Grey Jumper: Cotton On

Blue Jeans: Cotton On

Belt: Jay Jays

Sneakers: Nike

Boxing Glove: David Lawrence glove

Brown Sash: Belt from Jay Jays