Day 259: Mexican

Day 259: Mexican

Today I have a birthday party that is Mexican themed, so I thought ‘what would be funnier than to attend as a chola?’. For those who don’t know, a chola is a female of Latin decent that is one of the ‘homies’ and usually wears heavy eyeliner, dark lined lipstick and a bandanna. I think I pull it off ALMOST too well.


Photo credit: Holmes


Black Bandanna: Hot Dollar

Red Flannel Top: Big W

White Singlet: Cotton On

Jean Shorts: Big W

White Knee-High Socks: Big W

Black Sneakers: Converse

Big Hoop Earrings: Hot Dollar


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Day 257: Be the Song Title

Day 257: Be the Song Title

Today I am taking on the user-suggested theme of “Be the song title” from Dean. The song title I have chosen to create is “La Cucaracha” dressing as a cockroach with a Mexican hat. A big thanks goes to @_MartyPants for the concept and letting me borrow his cockroach costume.


Photo credit: Holmes


Cockroach costume: Smiffy’s (Borrowed from @_MartyPants)

Brown Leggings: Cotton On

Mini Mexican Hat: Hot Dollar


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Day 243: Lucha Libre

Day 243: Lucha Libre

Today I have decided to take on the user-suggested theme of Lucha Libre from Charlie. Lucha Libre is more informally known as Mexican wrestling. Many of you may have been introduced to it through the film Nacho Libre. Mexican wrestling is characterised by colourful, full face masks that are used to disguise the wrestlers and if removed signify the death of that character. Please note that the stuffing of my underwear for this costume caused my mother to burst into laughter for a solid 2 mins….I hope it has the same effect for you.


Photo credit: The Other Brother


Mexican Face Mask: Borrowed from @PatchworkDan

Red Cape: Urban Outfitters

Black and Gold Chevron Tights: Black Milk

Red Underwear: Target

Black Boots: Big W




Day 155: Movember


Tomorrow will mark the end of Movember (thank God) where men are urged to grow a mustache to raise awareness for a good cause – men’s mental health and prostate cancer. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against helping charity, I’m all for it in fact….I just wish there was a more attractive way to do it. I’m just thankful that in 2 days time Sydney men will start looking a whole lot more easy on the eyes.

Donate here and make the attack on men’s faces for the last month have meant something!


Photo credit: Ziggy


Sombrero: Found at a Halloween Party

Green and Black Patterned Poncho: Cotton On

Bronze Skirt: Dotti

Black Thongs: Havaianas

Silver Guns: Carnival and Party Warehouse