Day 360: Comedy Company

Day 360: Comedy Company


Today is my brother’s birthday – Happy Birthday Holmes! So I asked him what theme he’s like me to take on, he said either Acropolis Now or Comedy Company, and seeing as how I couldn’t find a bedazzled bra so that I could dress as Effie, I chose Comedy Company and opted for a Kylie Mole costume…so excellent!

p.s. Amanda sux

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Blue Long Sleeve Shirt: GAP

Navy Blue School Uniform: Shamis

White Knee-High Socks: Big W

Black Leather T-Bar Shoes: Big W

Maroon and Navy School Tie: My Brother’s

Medium Brown Wig: Markets

Theme Me Finale Party!

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Day 287: Dr. Who

Day 287: Dr. Who

Today I am taking on the user suggested theme of Dr Who by M. Gray AND Hiropf. With this as my theme I have decided to dress as the eleventh Dr Who when he went through his fez phase. Why the eleventh you ask? Because fezzes are cool.


Photo credit: The Stephanacci Sequence


Fez: Homemade from Coloured Paper

Blue Shirt: GAP

Red Bow Tie: Dollar King

Tweed Jacket: Zara (Borrowed from Fellow Mary)

Black Pants: Dangerfield

Blonde Short Wig: Ebay

Black Ballet Flats: Witchery


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265: Final Countdown

Day 256: Final Countdown

Today I officially only have 100 days left of this crazy year-long challenge! As some would say – it’s the final countdown! *cue the Europe song* So that is my theme for today – Final Countdown, which makes me think of the song, which then makes me think of GOB from Arrested Development. GOB, or George Oscar Bluth Jr., is the eldest of the Bluth family, who by trade is a magician. The reason why he is linked to The Final Countdown is because that is his performing theme music within the show. I know I’ve said this before, but if you have yet to watch Arrested Development. Get.On.It.


Photo credit: Dungog


White Shirt: Gold Coast (My Brother’s)

Black Pants: Valleygirl

Black Sandals: Big W (My Brother’s)

Knife: Homemade from Cardboard

Playing Cards: UNO


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Day 197: Sunrise

Day 197: Sunrise

Today I was lucky enough to appear on the Australian morning television show Sunrise. With the concept of a morning television show I have decided to dress up as a breakfast news presenter, with a twist – business up top, pajamas down bottom. (Thanks go to ‘Emilioooo!’ for coming up with the idea!)

If you are here for the first time because of Sunrise – Welcome! I hope you have a giggle at all the outrageous costumes I’ve completed so far. Please like my page on Facebook to get an update of when I post a new costume, And if you’e been with me from the beginning, thanks for all your support and please know that you can be a content little hipster because you knew about this before it was mainstream 😉

If you missed it and are reading this blog post you can watch the segment here!

Photo credit: Ziggy

Black Blazer: Zara

Cobalt Blue Top: Zara

Pajama Pants: Peter Alexander 

Dinosaur Slippers: Cosy Pajamas