Day 360: Comedy Company

Day 360: Comedy Company


Today is my brother’s birthday – Happy Birthday Holmes! So I asked him what theme he’s like me to take on, he said either Acropolis Now or Comedy Company, and seeing as how I couldn’t find a bedazzled bra so that I could dress as Effie, I chose Comedy Company and opted for a Kylie Mole costume…so excellent!

p.s. Amanda sux

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Blue Long Sleeve Shirt: GAP

Navy Blue School Uniform: Shamis

White Knee-High Socks: Big W

Black Leather T-Bar Shoes: Big W

Maroon and Navy School Tie: My Brother’s

Medium Brown Wig: Markets

Theme Me Finale Party!

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Day 287: Dr. Who

Day 287: Dr. Who

Today I am taking on the user suggested theme of Dr Who by M. Gray AND Hiropf. With this as my theme I have decided to dress as the eleventh Dr Who when he went through his fez phase. Why the eleventh you ask? Because fezzes are cool.


Photo credit: The Stephanacci Sequence


Fez: Homemade from Coloured Paper

Blue Shirt: GAP

Red Bow Tie: Dollar King

Tweed Jacket: Zara (Borrowed from Fellow Mary)

Black Pants: Dangerfield

Blonde Short Wig: Ebay

Black Ballet Flats: Witchery


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Day 256: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Day 256: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

On March 10 1997, Joss Whedon’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer debuted on the WB. Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved Buffy. It originally started when I was 7 and my family rented the Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie with Kristy Swanson and Luke Perry. That day I watched it 5 times on repeat. Fast forward some years later and the television series made it’s way into popular culture and my loved was re-born. Today I have dressed as Buffy so that I can live out the day as another one of my childhood idols.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Blonde Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Black Leather Jacket: Jay Jays

White Halter Neck Dress: Homemade

Wooden Stake: Homemade


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Day 197: Sunrise

Day 197: Sunrise

Today I was lucky enough to appear on the Australian morning television show Sunrise. With the concept of a morning television show I have decided to dress up as a breakfast news presenter, with a twist – business up top, pajamas down bottom. (Thanks go to ‘Emilioooo!’ for coming up with the idea!)

If you are here for the first time because of Sunrise – Welcome! I hope you have a giggle at all the outrageous costumes I’ve completed so far. Please like my page on Facebook to get an update of when I post a new costume, And if you’e been with me from the beginning, thanks for all your support and please know that you can be a content little hipster because you knew about this before it was mainstream 😉

If you missed it and are reading this blog post you can watch the segment here!

Photo credit: Ziggy

Black Blazer: Zara

Cobalt Blue Top: Zara

Pajama Pants: Peter Alexander 

Dinosaur Slippers: Cosy Pajamas