Day 1: Little Red Riding Hood


Day 1: Little Red Riding Hood


Today is the first day of a personal challenge where I plan to dress to a different theme everyday for a whole year. Today is also my 26th birthday, a day that should signify my journey WELL into adulthood and maturity…the problem, I’ve never really quite grown up. That is why I thought it appropriate to start with one of my favourite childhood fairy-tales: Little Red Riding Hood. With a twist. In my adaptation, Little Red is a little less sweet, wearing the wolf’s head post-mortem as a sign of her victory.


Photo credit: The Stephinacci Sequence


White Dress: Mink Pink
White Tulle Under-skirt: Portmans
Red Patent Belt: ASOS
Red Hooded Jacket: Revival
Grey Wolf/Husky Head and Scarf Mitten: Peter Alexander
Beige Bowler bag: ASOS
Frilled White Socks: Dora the Explorer kids brand from Best & Less
Red Sequin Shoes: Wittner



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Simon Knight says:

    SO EXCITED FOR YOU DOLL!!! Youre amazing. xxx

  2. Mary this is amazing!! Very cute!!

  3. Awesomeness MHS! Love it – have shared it with my office!

  4. J says:

    I was alerted to your challenge by the website earlier this evening – and how glad I am of this. I’ve spent the night going backwards through the different posts of your costumes. You’re wonderfully creative, fantastically geeky, and I’m sure your year brought a smile to many a person (including dozens of grins from me). I hope you loved the experience as much as I’ve loved reading about it.

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