Beyonce Flawless Costume

Beyonce Flawless Costume

I did not wake up like this. Only Beyonce wakes up like this. This took a lot of makeup, my boyfriends plaid shirt and a wig. Day two of my Halloween fortnight challenge brings you a Beyonce costume from her film clip Flawless.

Photo credit: Shivamello

Blonde Wig: Sparty’s

Red and Black Plaid Shirt: Uniqlo

Jean Shorts: Zara

Belt: Stud Wrist Band from Skate Store

Jewellery: Diva

Black Boots: Top Shop

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  1. Phillip Saba says:

    Well done Mars…I think it’s safe to call him fiance now…”He liked it, so he put a ring a on it”. Got your back ‘frosted tips’.

    1. mhsaba says:

      hahahaha it’s weird and I don’t like it. It’s like I’m showing off when I say it. I’ll just change over to husband when the time comes.

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