Wolverine Logan Costume

Wolverine Logan costume

Here we are again – welcome to 2017’s Halloween costume month! Yet again, I’ve got two weeks of Halloween costumes and ideas that are easy to make and easy for you to replicate for your Halloween costumes needs this year.

First up we have Wolverine. This costume really came together when I saw a post that showed the side view of what the wolverine claws look like. Creating the claws with foam cut-outs sprayed silver, the rest of the costume was easy to create with an 80’s style leather jacket, flannel and a white beater.

Photo credit: Frosted Tips

Wolverine Claws: Homemade with foam and silver spray paint

Red Flannel: Uniqlo

White Singlet: Target

Jeans: Dejour

Brown Leather Jacket: Vintage from Brotherhood of St Lawrence

Brown Leather Boots and Belt: Borrowed from Frosted Tips


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