Day 5: Stepford Wife

Today I am lucky enough to be a contestant on Ready Steady Cook. Ready Steady Cook is an Australian cooking competition show that pits two teams against each other, Team Capsicum and Tomato – consisting each of a professional chef and an audience member. Both teams aim to create the best entrée, meal and dessert in a 20-minute time limit.

I thought it appropriate then to don the theme of Stepford Wife for such an occasion.

Photo credit: The Stephinacci Sequence

White Lace Dress: Just Feathers
Red Patent Belt: ASOS
Red Tulle Under Skirt: Homemade
Red Sequin Shoes: Wittner
Pearls: Thailand
White Gold Earrings: A gift



One Comment Add yours

  1. Mary you look stunning. The photo of you holding the plate – WOW! I just want to pat your face now

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