Day 15: Orangeman’s Day


WARNING: User is asked to wear sunglasses for the reading of this blog post

July 12th is known as Orangeman’s Day, so I’ve gone out on a stretch and dressed in all orange. I think the universe appreciated this as you will see from the photos that the overcast weather only helped my orange POP. I’ve worn a lot of crazy themes, but the looks I got from this outfit as I walked outside have by far exceeded the others. Orange you glad I did this theme?


Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski


Orange Blouse: Cotton On

Orange Cardigan: Cotton On

Orange Pants: H&M

Orange Shoes: Kmart

Orange Handbag: ASOS

Orange Earrings and Bangle: DIVA

Orange Nail Polish: Cotton On

Orange Headphones: Urban Ears




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  1. Vids says:

    I’m not sure if you know the origin of Orange day, but in parts of Ireland this would be seen about as tasteful as a “dress up like the Confederate army” day in the States.

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