How to: Pixelated Nude

Pixel pieces costume

My most popular homemade costume by far from the last year, was the pixelated nude costume that I created for my Grammy’s theme. So there was no way I was going to deprive you of creating the costume for your own Halloween glory.

What you’ll need

Flesh coloured boob tube top or dress

Short shorts


5 different flesh coloured pieces of paper (brown, grey, orange etc)
If you can’t find these, then you can always just paint white paper in different flesh tones


Twine or strong twine or ribbon

Sticky tape


  1. Cut two pieces of cardboard:
    a. One 20 cms longer than your body width and twice the height of your chest
    b. One 20 cms longer than your body width and three times the height of your genitalia area
  2. Cut up all the different flesh paper tones into squares.
  3. Start to glue these down onto your two pieces of cardboard pasting them in a mix of:
    a. Opposite colours next to each other
    b. Similar tones next to each other
    c. The same colour side by side
  4. You are trying to create a realistic pixelated out look similar to this.
  5. Now that you have your two pieces of pixels, you will need to make it so that you can wear them on your person. Cut two pieces of twine that is double the length of your body width – top and bottom.
  6. Tape down these pieces of twine onto each piece of pixelated cardboard, but do not tape the twine all the way to the edge, but leave space on each edge of the cardboard – this is so that it comfortably fits to your body.
  7. Put on your flesh coloured boob tube top and shorts or dress and then tie each piece of cardboard around your body – top and bottom. For extra security, and if you are wearing a top and a bottom, you can then tuck the twine ends into your top and shorts to further secure them onto you.
  8. Voila! You know have a hilarious pixelated nude costume using only cardboard, paper and string. Homemade costumes FTW!!

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