Day 293: Scary Spice (Spice Girls Week)

Day 293: Scary Spice (Spice Girls Week)


For the third day of Spice Girls Week I take on the second Melanie of the group – Melanie Brown, a.k.a. Scary Spice. I can tell you this right now, I’m WELL over showing my midriff, unlike the Melanie’s I do not have the abs for this kind of get-up!


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Black Cross Over Top: Black Singlet from Cotton On with it’s Straps Crossed Over

Black Arm Bands: Cut Up Black Stockings

Leopard Print Leggings: Unknown (Borrowed from Meat Locker Designs)

Black Leather Boots: Big W

Black Afro Wig: Hot Dollar


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