Day 339: Marilyn Monroe

Day 339: Marilyn Monroe

June 1 is Marilyn Monroe’s birthday. Marilyn Monroe was the original blonde bombshell. Men wanted her, women wanted to be her, even today, decades later she is still a sex symbol in popular culture. Today I have dressed as her in that famous white dress from Seven Year Itch…isn’t it delicious? And yes, that is a fan behind me that I’ve used to reproduce the flowing skirt.

p.s. Today is also my best friend’s birthday – Reindeer Games – who is getting a special theme tomorrow!

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Blonde Marilyn Wig: Smiffy’s

White Halter Dress: Smiffy’s

Silver Sequin Heels: DSW

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  1. M.Gray says:

    va Va VA VOOM!

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