Day 338: Hot Dog

Day 338: Hot Dog

On May 31 last year, The Guinness World Records certified the world record for most expensive hot dog at Capitol Dawg in Sacramento, California. The hot dog cost $145.49 and featured a grilled 18″ all-beef in natural casing frank from Chicago, served on a fresh baked herb and oil focaccia roll, spread with white truffle butter, then grilled.

So today in hat-tipping of this, I have dressed as a blinged-up hot dog. Werd.

p.s. When my workmate first saw me, she was like: “Oh I get it, you’re Snoop Dogg” … Hers is better

Photo credit: Wayne Gretski

Hot Dog Costume: Ebay (Borrowed from Marty Pants)

Bling Dollar Sign Necklace: Homemade from Print Out Paper

Nude Ballet Flats: ASOS

Nude Opaque Tights: ASOS

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