Day 296: Mad Scientist

Day 296: Mad Scientist

Today is I’m a Scientist’s birthday who has requested a Mad Scientist theme. When I thought of what costume I could create for this theme, I tried to think of the craziest thing I could come up with. Then I thought, what could be madder than a scientist who decapitated themselves in the name of science? Let me tell you, it is HARD to find ajar that can fit a human head, the closest I could get is what is in the picture, which kind of works, but I think all together, is quite the hilarious costume. The magic behind the costume is a white lab coat stuffed with a pillow that sits on my shoulders to have my head pop out of the lower buttons of the coat, couple with stapled and stuffed gloves.

Photo credit: The Stephanacci Sequence

White Lab Coat: Medical Store (Borrowed from I’m a Scientist)

Yellow Gloved Hands: Stuffed Dish-washing Gloves from Woolworths

Black Dress: ASOS

Plastic Container: The Reject Shop

Black Ballet Flats: Wittner

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Phillip S says:

    You just keep outdoing yourself Mars 🙂

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