Day 300: This Is Sparta 300 (MEME Week)

Day 300: This Is Sparta 300 (MEME Week)

Today is the 300th day of my year-long challenge to dress up in a theme everyday. Ridiculous. Who ever thought that I’d last this long? (I did, haters did not) The funny thing is that I feel as if it’s gone really quickly. People ask me all the time if I’ll miss it when I’m done, I always say I won’t and that I’ll finally be able to get some sleep, but I guess I won’t really know until I’m done in 65 days time.

In the midst of MEME Week on this 300th day I have taken on a duel theme of 300 and MEME to re-create the the 300 film This is Spartaaaaaaaaa! meme.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Black Wig (Worn Backwards): Sparty’s

Man’s Chest Piece: Homemade Painted Cardboard

Red Cape: Hot Dollar

Tan Belt: Supre

Gold Wristbands: Delta’s Dazzling Costumes

Tan Boob Tube: Sportsgirl

Brown Boxers (Folded into Underwear): All Sorts (My Brother’s)

Shield and Machete Sword: Hot Dollar

Black Thongs: Havaianas


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