Day 342: Reddit

Day 342: Reddit


In June 2005, Reddit was founded. Reddit was founded by Steve Huffman and Alexis Ohanian and is a social sharing website where people submit content – link or text – that they think is entertaining and worth sharing. Once submitted users are invited to positively vote up the content, or negatively vote down the content to determine a numbered rank that will position that item on the site’s front page.

I have been lucky enough to make it to the front page of Reddit thanks to a friend of mine who talked about the site. This is in some way thanks to the persons who appreciated the blog and up-voted it.Thanks Redditors!


Photo credit: The Stephanacci Sequence


White Jumpsuit: Chupa Chups (from Splendour In the Grass 2010)

Reddit Alien Headpiece: Homemade from Paper Over A Headband

White Sneakers: Ruby Shoes

Alien Eyes: Orange Paper Circles Over Sunglasses


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