Carrie Covered in Blood Costume

Carrie Covered in Blood Costume

A couple of weeks ago for Halloween I created a Carrie mid-pigs-blood-bucket-pour costume. The mid-pour was created by having a metal wire fitted to the tiara and then fitted into the bucket.While it was quite the balancing act to wear it, it was also quite dramatic…too bad not too many people knew of the 70’s film. But with the Chloë Moretz version now released, let’s hope more of you will get this costume than the party-goers I ran into.

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Blue Bucket: Hot Dollar

Tiara: Hot Dollar

Red Crepe Paper: Hot Dollar

White Dress: Ebay

Strawberry Blonde Wig: Ebay

Gold Flats: Ruby Shoes

Fake Blood: Hot Dollar


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