Barbarella Costume

Barbarella costume

Dearest valued costume fans,

I’m SOOOO SORRY that’s it’s been so long since my last post, but suffice to say that things have been rather crazy in Maryland (also a chocolate chip cookie brand in the UK) so I will make it up to you with not one, but TWO costume posts this week!

First up I bring you my Barbarella costume that I wore on the first night of the Secret Garden festival that was for the theme: Disaster Ready. The first thing you’ll notice is that I am not wearing underwear which is the style of the iconic white Barbarella outfit. This is for two reasons:

1. It was really cold that weekend

2. It was really rainy that weekend

And wearing underwear in such conditions would have made me REALLY sick. So instead I opted for a dress-style of the iconic outfit where I altered a man’s white business shirt. So if you want to do Barbarella, but not look like a massive skank – THEN THIS IS THE OPTION FOR YOU!

Photo credit: FuckingAwesomeChic83

Blonde Wig: Ebay

White Outfit Dress: White Business Shirt from Vinnie’s with black electric tape

Galactic Gun: Hot Dollar water gun spray painted white and silver

White Boots: Gumboots from Target spray painted White with black electric tape

Flesh Coloured Stockings: ASOS


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