Sexy Female Gremlin Costume

Sexy Female Gremlin Costume

Happy Halloween! I thought long and hard about what would be my main event costume for the end of this daily costumed month and I’m glad I went with the Sexy Female Gremlin costume as it has turned out ACE! It was a pretty big effort on the make-up front, but I think I did pulled it off pretty well. Also, who didn’t love Gremlins as a kid? It ticked off too many boxes not to do it! Well that’s enough from me, I have a Halloween party to attend! Hope you enjoyed the month that was xxx

Photo credit: Wog on a roof

Leopard top: ASOS

Leopard skirt: Zara (scarf wrapped around)

Green stockings: Coles beige stocking died green with green food dye

Green sleeves: Coles beige stocking died green with green food dye

Green hair: Green hairspray from Hot Dollar

Gremlin ears: Homemade from cardboard and prints

Green Hands: Plastic hand gloves from Hot Dollar painted green

Black patent heels: Wittner


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