Day 156: T

Today I have my work Christmas party with the theme of “T” – so dress up as anything beginning with T. I have chosen to attend as Tutankhamen’s tomb. Photo Credit: The Stephinacci Sequence Tutankhamen’s Headpiece: Homemade  Tutankhamen’s Tomb: Handmade (sewn and hand drawn) Tutankhamen’s Crook and Flail: Homemade Gold Shoes: Irene Rubio Gold Gloves: Base Warehouse

Day 26: Egypt Revolution Day

July 23rd is the anniversary of the Egyptian Revolution of 1952. So I thought today I’d go for a classic Egyptian queen theme channelling Cleopatra. And let me tell you, that classic hieroglyphics stance is a bitch to position, tres uncomfortable.   Photo credit: The Stephinacci Sequence   Gold headwear: Spotlight (trimming) Blue Maxi Dress: Bardot Gold Shell Earring: Diva…