Day 98: Gwen Stefani

October 3 is Gwen Stefani’s birthday. So I’ve decided to dress as Gwen – the early years – where she always wore bindi’s and had crazy hair. The orange was an ode to Don’t Speak.


Photo credit: Holmes


Blonde Wig: Spotlight

Yellow Boob Tube: My mothers from the 70’s

Blue Track Pants: Big W

Sneakers: Converse

Bindi: From my friend Trumpet Lily




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  1. molly says:

    I’m going to a 90’s party, so this is great! But what video clip did she wear this outfit in again?

    1. mhsaba says:

      I can’t remember if it was in a particular film-clip or if it was just a look she did for a photo shoot…

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