Day 262: Kylie Minogue

Day 261: Kylie Minogue

Today is my friends 30th birthday, as a present to her on this momentous day I have decided to dedicate today’s theme and costume to an idol of hers – Kylie Minogue. Now Kylie Minogue has had a long career spanning many different phases and looks, but none more dramatic than THAT white outfit in the Can’t Get You Out Of My Head film clip, which is what I’ve decided to take on today. In order to re-create the outfit I bought a white top and a pair of pants from Vinnie’s, cut in all the dips and then added a circular white scarf to the outfit for the cowl. It’s a dodgy version of the white outfit, but I think that’s what makes it funnier. Hope you enjoy 😉


Photo credit: Holmes


White Top: Country Roud (Vinnie’s)

White Pants: Target (Vinnie’s)

White Scarf: My Mother’s

Nude Heels: RMK


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  1. the ladida says:

    Love your interpretation and DIY skill to make a tricky outfit actually wearable!

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