Day 201: Tennis

Day 201: Tennis

The Australian Open beings today, so I thought I would take on a tennis themed day and dress as the infamous John McEnroe. Why you ask? His afro would make him the funniest tennis player to dress up as, that’s why. And yes, I know that I’m using a badminton racket, not a tennis for this costume, but the old school rackets look more like badminton ones compared to the new tennis ones these days. Please also note that this costume is brought to you almost entirely by my brothers wardrobe #siblingwin

Photo credit: Billy Rubin

Short Curly Wig: Easter Show

Red Headband: My Brothers

White Polo Top: Puma (My Brothers)

White Shorts: My Brothers

White Tube Socks: Big W (My Brothers)

White Tennis Shoes: Ruby

Badminton Racket: Big W


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