Day 33: Arnold Schwarzenegger

Today is Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 65th birthday. In honour of this great 80’s action hero, I have chosen to dress in a Terminator theme. I can honestly say that I have seen Terminator 2: Judgement Day more times than anyone I know. Mostly because when we used to visit my cousins house when I was little, this was the only VHS they owned. Also, my teacher wrote a letter to my mum once saying that I was too young to have watched this in the cinema #HowDareShe


Photo Credit: C-Bomb


Black “Leather” Jacket: Dotti

Grey T-shirt: Jay Jays

Black Wet Look Tights: ASOS

Cyborg Mask: Homemade Print Out

Black Leather Boots: Big W

Black Cut-off Gloves: Kmart

Black Sunglasses: Arnett

Black Gun: Silly String Gun from The Reject Shop




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