Day 202: Humanitarian Day

Day 202: Humanitarian Day

January 15 is one of three emancipation days of respect which honours the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr. So today rather than dress as Martin Luther King, I wouldn’t do it justice, I’ve decided to dress up as another great celebrity humanitarian – Princess Diana.

I have chosen to dress as Diana in what was dubbed as the ‘revenge’ dress. Diana wore this dress on the same day that her ex-husband Prince Charles admitted to marital infidelities to a Vanity fair dinner at the Serpentine Gallery.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Diana Wig: Carnival and Party Warehouse

Black-off-the-Shoulder Dress: ASOS (Pinned into a Sweetheart cut)

Black Sash: My Mothers

Black Stockings: ASOS

Black Shoes: Target

Pearl: Necklace: Thailand (with a Black Jewel Ring from Diva placed in the middle)

Earrings: Thailand




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