Day 203: John Carpenter

Day 203: John Carpenter

January 16 is John Carpenter’s birthday. As a child I grew up watching (and re-watching) John Carpenter films, namely Big Trouble in Little China. When my brothers and I would have to hang up the washing, at the end when the basket was empty, one of us would ALWAYS put the basket on top of our heads and spin it to become rain/thunder/lightning from the film. Rather than do that (it doesn’t come off as well when you’re a grown up) I have decided to dress as the lead character – John Burton.


Photo credit: Billy Rubin


Mullet wig: Easter Show

White Singlet: Bonds (with Pinned Art Print Out)

80’s High-Waisted Jeans: Icebox

Tan Boots: Myer

Knife: Carnival and Party Warehouse




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