Day 286: Leighton Meester

April 9 is Leighton Meester’s birthday. Leighton Meester is best-known for her role as Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl which is who I’ve decided to dress up as today. The style on Gossip Girl was amazing, so I can only hope I achieved it’s and Blair’s flair today. All of course topped off with her…

Day 267: Twitter

In March 21, 2006 Twitter, the social networking site, was founded. In celebration of Twitters seventh birthday today I have decided to dress up as the twitter bird. It’s crazy how much you can do with cardboard (mask) and garbage bags( wings). If you’re interested in creating your own bird mask just watch this video….

Day 177: Elf

For the eight day of Christmas Theme Me dress for thee as an elf! Please note that I have gone the traditional elf rather than sexy elf…the sexy version of Christmas is coming tomorrow though – stay tuned! Photo credit: Holmes Elf Hat and Outfit: Carnival and Party Warehouse Elf Shoes with Bells: Dollar King Red Opaque Tights: ASOS

Day 140: International Diabetes Day

November 14 is the International World Diabetes Day. So I dressed up as Mary Tyler Moore, who is a famous diabetic.   Photo credit: Ziggy   Red Beret: Cotton On Blue Dress: Zara Blue Jacket: Cotton On Red Opaque Tights: ASOS Scarf: My Mother’s Tan Boots: Target Red Gloves: David Lawrence  Black Wig: Spotlight

Day 72: National Threatened Species Day

September 7 is National Threatened Species Day in Australia. It has been held annually since 1996 on 7 September in Australia, to commemorate the death of the last officially recorded Thylacine, more commonly known as the Tasmanian Tiger. Which is what I have dressed as today.   Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski   Tan Cardigan: Cotton On…

Day 36: Republic of Macedonia

August 2 is the Republic Day of Macedonia, so I decided to dress up as the Macedonian flag. It’s a bit of a random one, but turned out quite funny.   Photo Credit: Wayne Gretski   Yellow Head Scarf: My Mothers Red Dress: Glassons Yellow Stripes: Printed and Pinned Paper Red Opaque Tights: ASOS Berry…